A story: Risk and information

Risks are all around. Humans are generally good, but unfortunately not always at minimizing the risks in their lives. At the same time Risk is Relative. Let us see briefly a couple of examples:

Person A: Experienced tightrope walker. This person faces a huge danger, but he can manage the situation at hand during his exhibitions every evening. He orders the safety net to be removed in order to impress the public. His risk is relatively LOW, virtually null.


Person B: Teenager, who has not got a driving license and has never driven a car. If this person was given a car and was requested to drive in one of our busy cities or motorways, he/she would face an acceptable level of danger: the same amount of danger faced by people with a driving licence and driving experience. But the teenager's risk and those around him/her would be extremely HIGH.

We can see that definitely Risk is Relative, and it is linked to something else apart from the danger involved in the operation. It is linked to the Information available. Information, Training, Knowledge,... Experience!

A wise Manager would make sure of the availability of all the required information and experienced advice in order to be aware of, minimize and limit the "relative" risks associated to the huge investment during the Construction Phase.

Actually, the biggest catastrophes written in the short history of the Wind Business have taken place in the Construction Phase. Companies might face important financial losses and even endanger their own existence if the necessary considerations are not in place in order to guarantee a successful execution.


Based on our 30+ wind farm construction experience across 6 countries, we hold a vast amount of Information, Training, Knowledge….Experience!.

Honestly, we face just a small and controlled amount of risk and we are fully confident when we take on mayor responsibilities and roles such as:

We will analyze these options on a project per project basis upon Client’s request.