Often named as well Resident Engineers, Site Agents or Site Supervisors, our Site Managers bring our 500+ MW wind experience and knowledge. Our Site Managers are based full time on site with flexible working time adjusting to demands defined by the Client and sharing common project targets.


We operate in a professional manner without time consuming supervision from the Client, maintaining good relations and communications with the construction contractors, whilst protecting Client’s contractual position at all times.

Apart from assuring a smooth coordination of works and a proper management of the interfaces, we make sure the execution meets the contractual specifications. Our Technical Knowledge, based on our 30+ wind farm construction expertise, is a support available to the Client throughout our services.

We report periodically about how the works progress, alerting the Client to any perceived risks as they arise (Early Warning). We instruct the contractors to stop the works for immediate Health and Safety and protection of Environment reasons. Instructions to stop works for any other matter are first discussed with the Client and his resulting directions followed.

In conclusion, we cover comprehensively all your management needs on site