Our Technical Knowledge is based on our 15+ years experience working mainly as WTG Supplier Project Managers building complex EPC (“turnkey”) wind farms, 30+ wind farms, 500+ MW across 6 countries, apart from undertaking Operation and Maintenance.

We are proud to have accumulated our expertise since 1997 as wind technology has been developing, sharing the new challenges and being continuously on the edge.

We are glad to have had the opportunity to have faced extremely exigent and world new complex projects in the past, innovating and creating solutions to very demanding wind farms.

Consequently, we perfectly define, plan and manage both “WTG works” (transport, erection and commissioning) activities and the “Balance of Plant (BoP) scope. This special and extraordinary expertise gives us unmatchable advantage as the implementation and planning of the “WTG works” absolutely interfere with the “BoP scope”, and vice versa. It is not a proper approach to optimize the whole wind farm construction taking into account mainly only one of them, or trying to ignore the conditions coming from the other. Wind farms are complex projects to build and all parts have an important influence in the overall successful execution. Having the right and detailed knowledge of all activities is paramount to a successful completion.

We not only understand in detail the whole wind farm construction process, but we are pleased to have had the responsibility to define in the past the critical and limit conditions for specific wind turbines and wind farms to be built such as transport bends description, road maximum slope and surface quality, crane pads, turbine erection, commissioning needs, SCADA issues, etc.